House of Blackthorn


Blackthorn is a private, formal group training that blends Druidry and Celtic Paganism with Old World Witchcraft. Training consists of thirteen separate lessons that include both study and practical work. This structured training is available for those who can travel or live in the Lehigh Valley-Pennsylvania area and is offered to carefully chosen students who meet strict requirements.

Blackthorn is not a Wiccan tradition.

Topics include: History of Witchcraft, Druidry, Celtic Magic, Circle Casting, Ritual Structure & Leadership, Creating a Personal Altar, Sacred Space, Gods and Goddesses of Celtic Lore and Legend, Meditation and Creative Visualization, Magical Theory and Practice, Spellcasting, Divination, Animal and Tree Lore, Crystals, Magical Herbs and Plants, Candles and Essential Oils, Energy Healing, Magical Spirituality and Community Service.

Develop a strong foundation for your personal practice as a Blackthorn Druid Witch.

Training for new students begins September 2016.

Cost is $25 for each monthly lesson.