House of Blackthorn



Private training in the Ways of the Draighean: Blackthorn Druid Witchcraft is offered twice a year, in the Fall and in the Spring, for those who can travel or live in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. There are thirteen (13) monthly lessons taught in-person.

todayThey are drawn to the Old Ways of magic and enchantment, ancient beliefs and practices that pre-date any concept of Wicca. They embrace both the Dark and the Light, recognizing that true strength comes from overcoming adversity, trial and struggle. These mystical folk find power and wisdom in the natural world, in the philosophy of Druidry, and in the practices of Celtic Mysticism and Old World Witchcraft. The stone circles and misty moors are calling out, beckoning those who will listen and discover their secrets of times long past. These are a people who walk between the worlds, weaving their magic along the paths of the Seen and the Unseen. Who are these mystical people? In the House of Blackthorn tradition, they are identified as the Draighean: the Blackthorn Druid Witch. The Draighean path is one that honors Nature and the Celtic Path, the study and application of Magical Wisdom and Occult Knowledge, and the dedication to Healing and Service. This triplicity of magical wisdom is symbolized by three symbols: the Triquetra, the Triskele and the Celtic Knot Circle.

Draighean is the Irish-Gaelic word for Blackthorn.

Topics include: Witchcraft, Druidry, Celtic Magic, Circle Casting, Ritual Structure & Leadership, Creating a Personal Altar, Sacred Space, Gods and Goddesses of Celtic Lore and Legend, Meditation and Creative Visualization, Magical Theory and Practice, Spellcasting, Divination, Animal and Tree Lore, Crystals, Magical Herbs and Plants, Candles and Essential Oils, Energy Healing, Magical Spirituality and Community Service.

Develop a strong foundation for your personal practice and learn the ways of the Draighean: Blackthorn Druid Witch.

 The House of Blackthorn is not a Wiccan tradition or coven, but an exclusive, private formal training that is complete after 13 months. All potential students are interviewed in person, and must meet strict requirements. Fall 2016 training has already begun. Spring classes begin March 2017.

Cost is $25 for each monthly lesson or a total of $325.