This, That & The Other

smallpentLumos, Blessed Be.

This post will jump around a bit, so please bear with me.

I’m still very busy writing The Boy Who Lived: Magickal Spirituality in the Harry Potter Universe, even after a minor setback. About a week ago, as I was researching a few things online I clicked on a link and then suddenly a strange screen appeared on my desktop, and there was no way to click out of it. Even after re-starting my computer several times, it was still there and I was certain my computer had been infected with a virus. While I was contemplating how expensive it would be to fix this, a Facebook friend gave me some advice on how to get rid of this thing. Advice, I am happy to say, worked with no problem. To be on the safe side, however, I may need to install some new virus protection software. The real issue came when I discovered that nearly 10 pages of my book had vanished without a trace. Thankfully I had all of this information in my notes, and the missing pages were re-written. It is my hope to have the book finished before Spring arrives. This is positive-thinking on my part, as there aren’t many weekends left before then, and I get most of my writing done on weekends. It is difficult to write during the week, (although I do when I can), since when I come home from work my brain is tired and I need to just relax and unwind. Another thing is that I must have silence when I write. If the TV is blaring, or someone is singing on the radio, I cannot concentrate on what I’m doing. There are many times when I receive inspiration from my guides as I’m writing, so I must be able to focus and hear. During the week is when I brainstorm and organize how I’m going to write things, and in what order, so that when the weekend comes I can sit down and write it all out. Sometimes a topic takes on a life of it’s own and I end up writing more about something than I had originally planned. I am guessing that the finished book will be around 120 pages.

Earlier this week one of my co-workers came to me and asked if I was aware of a current court case that is getting alot of media attention. There are only a few things I watch on TV, I’m very selective, and the past week I admit I have not been following the news. The news story my co-worker referred to is about a young woman who killed her boyfriend for some unknown reason, and it was recently revealed that this young woman had studied Wicca. The story was featured on the Nancy Grace program, and apparently Ms. Grace was focusing on the Wicca aspect, somehow implying that Wicca played a role in this man’s death. I found this very disturbing. Equally disturbing was the fact that none of the guests that Nancy Grace invited on her show spoke up and acknowledged the truth that Wiccans do not advocate killing or harming anyone, for any reason. It seems that she only invited guests who would further sensationalize the story, and thus paint a negative picture of those who follow the Wiccan religion. Thankfully, my co-worker (who is not Wiccan) was intelligent enough to know the truth. Nancy Grace is considered by many to be a sensationalist (one who exaggerates things to an extreme degree, in an effort to garner ratings, attention or popularity), and has described herself as “Christian”. I admit that I do not watch her program, and I do not know Ms. Grace personally, but I know there have been other similar cases on her show where someone involved happened to be Wiccan, and Ms. Grace seemed to focus on this aspect. It is done in a condescending way and appears to be a subtle attempt to portray Wiccans as people who are prone to murder or be involved in other criminal activity. Let us hope that this is not becoming a media trend. Anyone who will do the least amount of research will discover that these things are not acceptable in Wicca. Nancy Grace has an outspoken personality and is not afraid to speak her mind. Those of us who are Witches and Wiccan should be just as loud and outspoken, if not moreso, whenever someone in the media tries to discredit us or portray us in a negative light. Just because we are still a “minority” religion does not mean that we can be trampled on or that we should stand idly by and allow ourselves to be maligned. I am not afraid to publicly declare myself a Witch, and I can speak my mind too.

Yesterday we had a very relaxing day in the small town of Jim Thorpe, PA, which is situated in the Pocono Mountains. It has been called the “Switzerland of Pennsylvania” due it’s picturesque scenery and architecture. Lots of fun little shops and restaurants. Our friend Sybilla went along with us. One of my favorite shops there, the Emporium of Curious Goods, has lots of magickal trinkets and items. I bought a wand enladen with chakra stones, to use in my Reiki practice. It’s about a foot long, with clear quartz points attached at each end. I love it.


We also stopped at a small flea market on the way, where I found this beautiful pendant, a pentacle with a serpent around it. In magickal lore, the Serpent guards the secrets of the Underworld and also represents the Shadow Self.


We had a fun day in this little town. The pizza shop there serves a delicious Taco Pizza that I can never get enough of.

I hope to do more writing today, but first, we must go grocery shopping. I’m almost out of coffee, and that is never a good thing.

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